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The most powerful Open MRI in Polk County

You CAN have the high quality images of a conventional MRI in a patient-friendly, wide-open MRI!

The advanced vertical field technology of our new Oasis Open MRI system is exactly what patients want, while delivering images comparable to a closed-bore 1.5T system. Scans are completed in 30 minutes or less, and the patient has the option of head-first or feet-first imaging. With an 82cm wide bore and a full 270 degree field of view, patient feel instantly at ease with the ability to see all around them.

Features include:
  • 1.2T High Field strength achieves excellent quality images
  • Shorter scan times compared with other open MRI systems
  • Able to accommodate patients up to 660 pounds
Spine and Brain MRI
Every patient deserves a comfortable MRI experience. To schedule please call:
Fax orders to 863-581-8808.

Med-Legal Record Requests and Invoices:

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