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If you are claustrophobic or exceed the size limit for traditional MRI machines, RIS has a solution; Open MRI!

The most powerful and comfortable OPEN MRI in Polk County

You CAN have the high-quality, clear images of a conventional MRI in a patient-friendly, more comfortable, wide-open MRI! Call Radiology and Imaging Specialists in Lakeland at 863-577-8601 now to schedule. In order to schedule, you must first obtain a script/order from your doctor.

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If a traditional MRI is difficult because of claustrophobia, anxiety or large body size an open MRI at Radiology and Imaging Specialists in Lakeland, FL may be a better option for you. The spacious and completely open design helps alleviate feelings of claustrophobia or anxiety and can accommodate larger patients.

The advanced vertical field technology of our new Oasis Open MRI system is exactly what patients want while delivering images comparable to a closed-bore 1.5T system. This Open MRI has the highest field strength of ANY Open MRI. Scans are completed in 30 minutes or less, and the patient can have the option of head-first of feet-first imaging. With an 82 cm wide bore and a full 270-degree field of view, patients will feel instantly at ease and have the ability to see all around them.

To learn more about the Open MRI services at Radiology and Imaging Specialists, please call 863-577-8601. The high-field open MRI is a great option for a variety of patients and allows you to have an MRI more comfortably and without sedation. This is offered at our Central Office Location

Features include:

  • 1.2 T High Field strength achieves excellent quality images
  • Shorter scan times compared with other open MRI systems
  • Able to accommodate patients up to 660 pounds
  • Able to perform Neuro, Vascular and Body Imaging

Questions? Call us! 863-577-8601

Designed for Challenging Patients

No matter how challenging the patient or situation, Oasis is designed to simplify imaging difficult patients including pediatric, bariatric, geriatric and claustrophobic. The widest patient table, unlimited lateral opening, robust motion compensation are just a few of the features that make all patients more comfortable and relaxed during the scan.

This comfortable open MRI is great for:

  • Pediatric patients* – Continuous contact during exam
  • Bariatric patients – Comfortably image the largest patients
  • Geriatric patients – Easy patient access to reduce stress and worry
  • Claustrophobic patients – Open, approachable and relaxing

Schedule Your Open MRI Today

To learn more about our open MRI services in Lakeland, FL which are optimized for patient comfort, please call 863-577-8601. In order to schedule an Open MRI, you must first get a script/order from your doctor. Radiology and Imaging Specialists proudly serves Lakeland, Kissimmee, Plant City, and the surrounding areas in Central Florida.


*RIS radiologists do not sedate children so the child must be able to be still for extended amounts of time. We do not provide Open MRI for children under the age of 5  and if contrast is needed the radiologist will need to be consulted and approved beforehand.

Open MRI at RIS

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