New Contrast Study Guidelines (Eovist Liver for MRI and CT contrast studies only)

From ACR Contrast Manual for high risk assessment:

The following is a suggested list of risk factors that may warrant renal function assessment (e.g., serum creatinine, eGFR) prior to the administration of intravascular iodinated contrast medium. This list should not be considered definitive and represents a blend of published data [68,69] and expert opinion:

  • Age > 60
  • History of renal disease, including: Dialysis, Kidney transplant, Single kidney, Renal cancer, and Renal surgery
  • History of hypertension requiring medical therapy
  • History of diabetes mellitus
  • Metformin or metformin-containing drug combinations*

Patients who are scheduled for a routine intravascular study but do not have one of the above risk factors do not require a baseline serum creatinine determination before iodinated contrast medium administration.

* Metformin does not confer an increased risk of CIN. However, patients who develop AKI while taking metformin may be susceptible to the development of lactic acidosis.

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