Heart Scan (Coronary Calcium Score)

More than half of all Americans will develop heart disease.
More than 600,000 will die from it this year.
1/3 will die from their first heart attack, with no warning signs at all.

Radiology and Imaging Specialists offers a better way to determine your risk and detect heart disease while there’s still a chance to do something about it.

The Coronary Calcium Score is the only non-invasive test that can accurately detect—or rule out—the presence of heart disease in otherwise healthy individuals. RIS serves communities in Central Florida including Lakeland, Plant City, Kissimmee and more.

The coronary calcium score is the new standard for assessing cardiac risk.

It is performed with a computed tomography (CT) scanner and special software to determine if the coronary arteries are blocked or narrowed by the buildup of plaque—an indicator for atherosclerosis or coronary artery disease.

It’s superiority to other risk assessment methods, like cholesterol and blood pressure, has been demonstrated in numerous clinical studies encompassing more than 20,000 patient years of observation. Additionally, the Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Education (SHAPE) and other supporters recommend this test because:

  • It has been shown to be five (5) times more accurate than other risk assessment methods at predicting which patients are at risk for coronary artery disease
  • Information gained from the calcium score can more accurately identify patients requiring cholesterol-lowering therapy, helping to reduce instances of unnecessary, costly medication
  • The test can also be used, over time, to effectively measure the response to targeted therapy

The coronary calcium score is fast, non-invasive and inexpensive at just $50. Patients must first request a referral from their primary care physician for a coronary calcium score, then call Radiology and Imaging Specialists to schedule your calcium score today 863-688-2334. We have several convenient locations throughout Central Florida. 

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