Affordable mammograms

Just because you’re uninsured doesn’t mean you can’t afford state-of-the-art breast screening. For patients without insurance, our screening mammograms are just $30.


  • The highest quality, affordable women’s imaging
  • Flexible scheduling and same day appointments when available
  • Radiologists with added subspecialty training in women’s imaging
  • Reports to your doctor within 24 hours of your test

Call (407) 847-9674 to schedule your screening mammogram today!

For patients without insurance, our screening mammograms are $30.
Affordable mammograms

Whatever your breast density, whatever your risk…RIS – Kissimmee has you covered!

RIS – Kissimmee is the most comprehensive outpatient breast imaging center in town for women of all risk categories. Have your annual testing done here with confidence… knowing that we have the right imaging tools, the right expertise and the commitment to quality you’d expect from Central Florida’s leader in women’s imaging.

All women over 40 should have an annual mammogram, as well as younger women at a higher risk. African American women and Ashkenazi Jewish women are at a higher risk for certain types of breast cancers and should talk to their doctor about starting a breast screening program in their 30s.

3D Mammography

Annual screening mammograms offer women their best chance for early detection. At RIS – Kissimmee, we offer the latest in 3D mammography for improved detection, fewer call backs and fewer false positives. If you’re uninsured, the cash price for this test for new patients is just $30!

breast ultrasound
Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS)

For women with dense breasts, a supplemental screening test is recommended. ABUS can find cancers that may be hidden within dense breast tissue and may be difficult to spot on a mammogram. Your breast density is measured during your annual mammogram. If you aren’t sure about your breast density, and you had your last mammogram at a RIS center, just call us!

If you have dense breasts and are uninsured, you can have an ABUS test, along with a 3D mammogram, for just $150!

breast mri
Breast MRI

Ideal for high-risk women, women with implants and women who may be pregnant. Breast MRI is the most sensitive of all breast imaging tests, capable of identifying smaller and more invasive cancers than with mammography alone.

breast biopsy
Imaging-Guided Biopsy

If a biopsy is needed, RIS – Kissimmee offers minimally invasive MRI- and ultrasound-guided biopsies, along with stereotactic breast biopsy, in a more comfortable and convenient non-hospital environment.

Where you choose to have your imaging performed can make all the difference!

Even if your doctor has recommended a facility, you have the right to choose your own imaging provider. Choose RIS – Kissimmee for the latest imaging technology, doctors who have undergone advanced training in breast imaging our unequaled commitment to exceptional patient service!

Subspecialty (fellowship) training in breast imaging is not required to read and interpret mammograms, breast ultrasound and breast MRI. However, we at RIS – Kissimmee believe that an additional 1-2 years of advanced training CAN make a difference. Experience matters, and we believe this adds an added measure of diagnostic confidence for our patients and the doctors who serve them.

To schedule your breast screening call (407) 847-9674.
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