Lakeland Vascular Institute is Now Using Avail to Offer Remote Access to the Operating Suite

Using the Avail System, Radiology and Imaging Specialists Can Provide Remote, Collaborative Education and Training by Broadcasting Live Procedures 

Lakeland, FL – May 20, 2021 – Lakeland Vascular Institute (LVI) just announced that it’s now using Avail Medsystems remote procedure collaboration technology platform. This platform allows LVI physicians to train and educate physicians and staff at medical device companies, broadcast medical procedures in real-time to other physicians at international medical conferences and to educate health care professionals on best practices on complex interventional radiology cases. 

“LVI is at the forefront of the adoption of remote technology for the operating suite, which will enhance the way we care for patients, educate staff, and stay connected through our patients’ continuum of care,” said Dr. Fakhir Elmasri, President of Lakeland Vascular Institute. “This procedure collaboration technology platform will help standardize patient care by ensuring that our physicians and staff can more quickly train to do procedures and use new devices and tools.”

The Avail System allows LVI to securely stream live procedures from the operating suite in real-time to the iPads or computers of physicians and other health care professionals across its own health system and the globe. The Avail system is a lightweight, console on wheels that has two high-definition cameras mounted on it that can pan and tilt, as well as zoom in 30 times. The video from the cameras shows up on a large display monitor mounted to the console. Through a secure, web-based app, remote users are able to get close-up views of the surgical field, the physician’s hands, the inside of a patient’s body, as well the entire team assisting on the procedure. A split-screen feature enables those watching to control their individual views of a procedure, zoom in, and examine any medical imaging being conducted while the procedure is underway, such as intravenous ultrasound or fluoroscopy. Remote viewers also have the opportunity to collaborate with the broadcasting health care practitioner via two-way audio and by making notes on their own screens that are visible on the procedure-room video monitor.







About Lakeland Vascular Institute

Lakeland Vascular Institute (LVI) is a subsidiary of Radiology and Imaging Specialists. LVI is dedicated to using the body’s vascular system, along with state-of-the-art medical imaging guidance to precisely target and treat many health conditions, including cancerous tumors, spine fractures, peripheral artery disease, uterine fibroid tumors and various types of vascular disease. For more information on LVI visit, www.lakelandvascular.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

About Avail Medsystems

Avail Medsystems is a pioneering medical technology company that removes the barriers associated with in-person collaboration during medical procedures. With a customer-centric service and business model, Avail’s purpose-built technology digitizes physical presence in the procedure room and enables HIPAA-compliant collaboration among a network of healthcare professionals and industry experts from anywhere, at any time. For more information about Avail Medsystems visit Avail.io and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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